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30 Seconds to Better Posture

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Better Posture

Many people underestimate the importance in posture in both every day health and as a signal that something might be wrong. I always say posture is the window to your spine. So if you notice that you have poor posture, that is usually a clear sign to get your spine checked for misalignments by a licensed doctor of chiropractic.

30 Second Excercise

30 seconds to better posture is an easy approach to improving your posture in ...

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Ergonomic Posture While You Sit

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Ergonomic posture while you sit is a clever and fun video from Vodafone and we thought it deserved a repost.

When it comes to ideal posture, awareness is the key.  The next time you sit (while eating, surfing the net, etc.) consider these excellent steps for better posture and how to reduce stress on your spine, back and neck.

  • Support posture and low back with use of pillows
  • Create 90 degree angle for arms and legs
  • Raise computer to ...
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