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What our Patients are saying:

I came in for a massage and realized I had past trauma to my spine which was the reason for my pains. I haven’t had a migraine since I started treatment. The exercises have helped my upper body and lower body deal with stress better. Before I would tense up and end up getting a headache when under stress. Now that doesn’t happen. I believe that my treatments here have been beneficial to my overall health. My goal in being under treatment is to be healthier and avoid painful situations with my back or muscles.–Nikki Aguinaldo

It’s the best thing that happened to me. I highly recommend it to everyone.–Tim De Gracia

I feel less pain in the back, especially after a vigorous workout, since starting.–Jason Apostol

After a few adjustments, I feel a lot better in my neck while reading a book.–Christina Chan

Since coming to Wellife (Dr. Rawson) I have noticed a big difference in my head, neck, back pains and also in general health. Prior to chiropractic care I would get headaches about once every two weeks and migraines about every other month. Since coming in and getting my corrective care it probably cut the frequency of my headaches and migraines in half. I have also noticed an improvement in my immune system. I get sick less and I also recover faster when I do catch cold or flu. Also, one of the biggest differences I have seen is that I’m not so tense around my shoulder area. Thank you again Dr. Steve.–Cammie Arakaki

Since coming here my neck pain is almost non existent. I don’t require back massages on a continuous basis. My hips are also aligned now which makes my athletic participation better.–Aimee Baker

Within the two months of treatments received, I have had a reduction in headaches, relief from shoulder and upper back pains and less muscle tension in my upper back area.–Alisa Bender

Dr. Rawson has helped me become a more competitive athlete. I am able to ride longer and faster than ever before. My body is developing evenly and with better muscle tone. I am very happy with my choice to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic is a way of life for me now!!!–Amy Bennett

When I first came I had major low back pain and neck pain. Since coming here my neck and back pain have gotten better.–Carmen Blaisdell

The improvement in my posture is incredible. I didn’t even realize how bad off I was until I experienced renewed alignment in my spine. I’m now standing straighter, walking taller and have much less tension and pain in my back. Looking forward to even more improvement!–Natalie Bostrom

When I first came in to Wellife, I had some lower back and neck pains that wouldn’t go away. After the first couple of appointments I noticed a big difference. I also seemed to be standing more upright.–Calvin Calio

I had back pain almost every day and now have less back strain and more energy. My headaches are gone and have also experienced better sleep.–Karinne Cortes

I feel my posture and neck position are getting better and closer to where they should be.–Chris Gerrior

Before I was “shanghaied” by Dr. Rawson, I had no idea what proper spinal care was or how important it is. Now I have a better understanding of spinal care and the many benefits it has entailed.–Patrick Galamay

When I began coming to this office, I was having lots of lower back and neck pain. This caused lots of discomfort and headaches. I have had chiropractic care in the past, but traction was never used with me. I believe that by using the home traction unit has really helped to improve my situation along with my regular adjustments. I thank this office for helping me by taking the time to provide the best treatments possible!–Meredith Foellmi

After only eleven adjustments, my physical pain and discomforts have improved about eighty percent. Of course, I must admit that I have not committed a lot of time implementing all the wonderful knowledge obtained from Dr. Rawson. However, applying the exercises at the most fifty percent of the time lets me know that the more efforts put out on my part might yield an even higher result of healing.–Gloria Garrett

Chiropractic care has changed my life. Although every chiropractor has had an educational program included with their care, to put it simply everything just works better. I’ve been to four chiropractors over six years and regardless of their personal style – I’ve always left their offices feeling a little taller, pain free, and hopeful for the future. Thanks to chiropractic care, I have been able to resume an active lifestyle and people even say I’m more pleasant to be around. Dr. Rawson is very thorough in his exams and adjustments. He was able to correct pre-existing problems I didn’t think were correctable without pain medication and/or surgery.–Jennifer Gerrior

I feel a lot better than before. I also noticed that after using my back with heavy lifting and bending at work that I’m not as sore as in the past. I still experience some back and neck pain, but now I know how to deal with that from what I learned at this office.–Kyle Hamada

For me, it is more an awareness issue to optimize my health. I didn’t have any specific health concerns upon coming here, but with healthy posture and overall well-being as my goal. My energy level has improved 80%.–Diana Lincke

Chiropractic care is a safe and virtually a painless alternative to reducing and eliminating back pain. The results are much more immediate than physical therapy or the spinal steroid shots I’ve tried in other treatments.–Lucila Hrysyzen

My shoulder pain is finally going away. I’ve less head ache now than before the start of the treatment. Feeling more relaxed. It’s getting better as treatment goes by. My neck and back is better now.–Catalina Jacinto

I came to Dr. Rawson because I couldn’t raise my left hand over my head without losing feeling or having a numbness around my hand. After the initial consultation Dr. Rawson gave me an adjustment. I knew I had to come back for the re-alignments. I try to see Dr. Rawson at least once a week. What a difference chiropractic care has made in my life. Thank you Dr. Rawson.–Jocelyn Kitahara

Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Steve I’ve become more aware/educated on the importance of (spinal) health. I’m not the greatest student where “homework” is concerned, but I have had overall improvement in how I feel. I know results would be even better if I put more effort into my “homework”.–Lisa Lowe

Prior to my treatments here, I felt continual pain and discomfort in my neck and lower back. Now, the pain in my back was lessened and I feel it is getting better.–Thomas Ling

With my husband’s recommendations I have seen and felt a difference since the very first adjustment. I have noticed that I am not relying on over the counter medication as heavily as I used to. I look forward to these visits. Thank you!–Diana Mafnas

I would highly recommend chiropractic treatment as an alternative way to maintain one’s health. It has helped me out tremendously, no more headaches!–John Mafnas

Dr. Rawson really opened my eyes to a whole new view of chiropractic and what good help it would be for me to take advantage of for myself and my health and well being for the future road in my life to optimal health.–Jonah Malloe

I feel improvements where I originally had pain. My energy is up and I have been sleeping better. I especially appreciate that Dr. Rawson takes the time to educate me on what would improve my health care.–Holly McNeal

Since starting it seems that it has been easier for me to turn my head when looking in my blind spots when driving. I don’t have to move my whole body as much. –Scott Menhennet

When I first came it was for a free massage and free exam and after learning about how abnormal I was it became very important to me to become a normal (back in-line) again. I had always had discomfort in my upper back and neck area and after 3 months of treatment that discomfort has pretty much gone away. I know that with continuing my chiropractic care that I will be much healthier throughout life.–Amy Nimeh

I have noticed a difference for the better.–Souhil Nimeh

I have noticed a huge difference in my shoulders. I don’t feel like I am so tight and tense.–Ericka Porrazza

Good information. Making progress on my problem. Meets appointment times (no/little delay).–Thomas Thornton

When I first came to this office, I had been suffering with pain in my neck for years on a daily basis. Since the first week of treatment, no more pain.–Liane Okuna

I wasn’t able to move my head to the right all the way; and when I did, there would be discomfort. After a week of adjustments, I was able to turn my head to the right with no discomfort or pain.–Ardee Santos

I have been under the chiropractic care of Dr. Rawson for over a year now and I must admit, spinal adjustments work. I noticed my lower back pain has subsided. Improved posture and overall health due to better circulation and spinal alignment.–Edwin Paz

Since I have been under Dr. Rawson’s chiropractic care, I have seen great improvement in my neck/shoulder/back pain. I have learned what I must do to take care of my spinal health. With regular adjustments, I know that my neck/shoulder/back pain can be controlled.–Jenille Paz

I know in my heart that the Lord directed me to Dr. Rawson. I prayed and asked the Lord to show me where to go, who to see to help me with what I was going through. I have never been to a chiropractor until I entered menopause. What a horrible thing to go through and your regular doctor cannot find the problem. Menopause affected me in a painful way. Every organ was not functioning properly. 

But, when I started seeing Dr. Rawson he knew exactly what was wrong and process for healing. However, every visit with correction to my spine, my central nervous system was being corrected with me following through with his stretching recommendations. Praise the Lord! With my faith in Dr. Rawson and his anointed hands – recovery took place. Now I can do almost everything I’ve done in the past with no pain. Thank you Dr. Rawson! –Esther Poor

After a month of adjustments, my neck has definitely made some improvements. I haven’t noticed any muscle soreness on my neck or upper back and I have less headaches. Even my lower back has felt a lot better!–Wendy Spradlin

I have an increased or returned flexibility and range of motion. I feel more solid and stable. I have better posture and stand taller.–Jarrod Rose

Came into office with extreme pain in neck. Both shoulders and pain in left arm. Pain resulted in left arm – from a fall to my side. Bad headaches, resulting in sleepless nights. Pain has subsided a whole lot. Now is tolerable and seems to be getting better each day. Feels like a neck and shoulders and not just a stiff, tight, rock. Pain is progressfully getting lesser in left arm. With hardly no headaches. Head has cleared and slowly but surely I am feeling the release I have been looking for. Now, today I feel slight tightness in my neck. Arm still little pain and general I am well pleased and looking forward to full recovery and being able to adjust my eating habits.–Yvonne Soliz

When I came to Wellife & Dr. Rawson I was experiencing frequent & sometimes severe headaches, as well as back pain. I saw an improvement in my health in just a couple of weeks. My headaches have decreased and the tightness in my mid back has improved greatly. After seeing Dr. Rawson for a few weeks I re-injured my lower back at work, but luckily had an appointment that evening. After Dr. Rawson adjusted me my injury improved after only a few days. That same injury took over a week to heal with bed rest and drugs, before my chiropractic care. Thanks!!–Keri Stuart

Seeing Dr. Rawson for these past few months has been great. I don’t have that tension on my mid back. I feel more energized. I try to do my stretches during morning and evening. It’s worth it coming here at Wellife Chiropractic.–Cesar Tagaca

I believe that since receiving chiropractic care I have felt better and have been actually healthier than usual. In the past month I’ve regained feeling in my arms and overall maintain a healthy life. Chiropractic care is a essential part of my daily life.–Tracy Ugale

I feel immense relief from the back and neck pain I was experiencing for the past 4-5 years. To describe the feeling I would say I feel as though my spine has been regenerated. I am not always aware of my spine and neck pain, as I was before. I was told that after suffering compression fractures to my 10th and 11th thoracic vertebrae, my back would never feel the same. I was lead to believe I would always have some degree of discomfort/pain. I am so happy to begin to feel like normal again.–Amanda Underwood

Being 23 and healthy, back pain was a surprise. Dealing with extreme pain was new to me, and after a few adjustments, I realized how the rest of my life was adversely affected. I feel significantly better, and I am looking forward to continuing treatment.–Damon Underwood

It feels good to have your back adjusted by a professional such as Dr. Rawson. I feel my body fighting to maintain its old, hunched ways. I didn’t expect such a struggle would exit.–William Wang

We started to come to this office since the car accident. We, my sons and me, were treated by Dr. Rawson. Coming to this office to be treated helped us regain our flexibility and by coming at least once a month helped us maintain our health. Thank you, Dr. Rawson.–Una Wilding

I first came to Wellife Chiropractic looking for a new job. But what I found was a new perspective of health, chiropractic, and the power of natural healing. After two months of care, I no longer have back pain and menstrual cramps that I once had. As a member of the Wellife Wellness Team, it is such a joy to see the looks of relief and excitement in our patients’ faces after each adjustment by Dr. Rawson. I have the best job in the world because I am able to share with patients the joy of natural healing that only chiropractic care can provide.–Shiela Garcia

I came to this wellness center with moderate to severe low back pain, pain in my legs, and possible symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Rawson’s desire to explain in detail the field of chiropractic. I noticed relief of symptoms within the first week of my treatment. Since then, I’ve noticed relief of my upper leg pain almost completely. I am convinced that I made the right choice to seek chiropractic care from Dr. Rawson.–Katherine J.

I came to this wellness center with extreme pain from Sciatica. Over time, I found I was decreasing my physical activity and involvement in my activities. Now I am able to participate in almost everything I was doing - gardening, working out, traveling, and even working part-time. I have more energy than my peers and even somewhat am 20 years younger.–Judy Philson

I was browsing through the New Products Expo when I saw the Wellife Booth. As I was suffering from chronic back pain, I made a bee-line for the booth, dragging my husband in my wake. Dr. Rawson did an assessment of my posture, and we set up my first appointment from there. Paid medication for my back was becoming a part of my nightly routine. Without it I could barely sleep. During the day, there were times I could only limp my way around work. It’s been 6 months since I’ve started coming to Wellife. I haven’t taken my pain medication once since then, sleeping fine, and I’m walking much more easily around work.–Caroline Kitagawa

Before coming here I suffered from headaches, backaches, stiff neck and shoulders. Now I am able to move my head side to side and don’t suffer from anymore headaches.–Lauren Tsuchida

Pain originally brought you to our wellness center Neck & shoulders were stiff and painful with what little movement I had. Chiropractic improved your quality of life with no more pain & stiffness on a daily basis. It was instant, that very day... and not a day too soon. I know 2 have a long way to go - but if the future is anything like the past 2 months; it’s worth it.–Kay Oliveira

Chiropractic has brought movement and comfort that I never knew I lost. The back and shoulder pain is a thing of the past.–John Shope

After coming here my neck and back feel less pain, overall feel better.–Harriet Lum

I no longer think about my back. Now I am able to do more things without having to stop because of the pain.–Laura Lopez

My neck feels better, better overall posture standing and sitting.–Jay Sadural

Chiropractic helped me to realize that I need to keep my body healthy and prevent any pain or suffering from happening. I used to think that I should see a doctor only when I am sick. Now I know that a regular checkup to prevent illness is the smarter thing to keep me well.–Steve Comes

I feel more balanced. I’m able to lead a more active life.–Cindy Comes

I had stiffness between my right shoulder and sharp pains or pinch nerves in my neck for a long time. Chiropractic treatment has done a 360 degree improvement on me. I don’t have any pain or pinch nerve in my neck and much stiffness in my shoulder that often.–Mark Villanueva

It has made me more aware of how important good posture is for everyday life.–Vanessa Cruz

I’m able to turn my head to the left now without a tightness. I can sit up better and I feel much balance and happy too.–BJ Hines

The adjustments really make me feel good and improve my mobility and overall wellness. I feel better and have more flexibility. When combined with a massage, I leave the center very relaxed and refreshed.–Glenn Gomes

I have less headaches, and I feel like I’ve gotten taller.–Ehtan Javier

Treatment has improved my life by overall feeling better. After my first treatment I could feel a difference. I feel great now!–Gina Asuncion

I originally came in because of a pinch in my lower back. My husband said to give chiropractic a try. I had headaches for several years and doctors tried every migraine medication they could think of... now my headaches are few to non-existent and the original pinch that brought me in is gone as well.–Rebecca Stimmel

It’s making me able to move a lot better and feel great compared to before. On days that I am adjusted and the next day things are great.–Ryan K.

I feel an extreme difference. I can move freely and very rarely have bad back pain. My energy level has increased as well.–Maria Rodriquez

It (chiropractic) has started the healing process and made me aware of the causes of my back & shoulder pain. Already knowing the benefits of chiropractic before coming here, Dr. Rawson helped me better integrate it into my lifestyle and show me how or what things to do to alleviate my back & shoulder programs. I would recommend Dr. Rawson and his chiropractic approach to other people. Chiropractic works!–Paul Q.

Within weeks of starting to work with Dr. Steve my pain was alleviated to such a degree that I could work comfortably for longer periods of time. As I continued treatment, my overall well being was increased. Flexibility in my neck and spine has increased. The relief of stress, backaches and headaches were also felt.–Trudy Rawlins