Dr. Rawson

Your Honolulu Chiropractor

Hi I’m Dr. Steve Rawson, and I’ve been a licensed chiropractor in Hawaii since 2000. I spent nearly a decade treating patients from my wellness center at Stadium Mall in Aiea. In March 2011, I moved my practice to Kaka’ako. As a sole practitioner with 15 years of experience in the chiropractic field, I specialize in drugless approaches to such problems as headaches, neck and back pain. I also offer lifestyle counseling on nutrition, stress reduction, proper sleeping habits and exercise.


I have a chiropractic degree from Life University located in the Atlanta area. I earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic Care (DC) degree and license in 1999, after passing National Board exams. Continuing Education has always been important to me. That’s why every year I attend seminars to stay compliant and up to date on the latest technologies within the chiropractic profession.

Digital Imaging Center

I’ve always sought the highest-quality diagnostic tools to screen for spinal problems. Instead of relying on plain film radiograpy (x-rays), I upgraded my office to a digital imaging center, equipt with a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine. This has set me apart in the community and also offered a convenience to my patients, who don’t have to go elsewhere for x-rays.


People often ask me where did the name Wellife come from? When I was in chiropractic school, Rawson Family Chiropractic just wasn’t good enough and didn’t embody my passion and excitement for health and wellness through natural means. My goal has always been to inspire people to live well and empower them to lead a well life (hence, the genesis of Wellife). I also wanted to create a comfortable, relaxed and welcoming environment where people can receive care and have fun at the same time.